Removable AND Reusable Artificial Nails?

Custom Nail Solutions Revolutionizes the Artificial Nail Industry With Custom-Fit, Removable-Reusable Alternative to Acrylic and Gel Nails

Individual customized nails fit with fingerprint precision, can be removed and reused endlessly

DALLAS, June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — For decades, women seeking longer nails had three options: grow them out the natural way, subject their nails to harsh grinding and chemicals with acrylics and, more recently, gel nails that take hours to apply every couple of weeks. Now, a new option has emerged that will dramatically change the artificial nail industry: custom-fit nails that are unique to each owner’s nail beds – just like a fingerprint – and made of an indestructible, high-impact thermo-plastic that is guaranteed to never chip, break or crack. These nails are produced exclusively by Custom Nail Solutions.

“Custom Nail Solutions’ patented nail system brings a completely customized, removable and reusable nail product to all women. They are personalized, beautiful, comfortable, natural looking, safe and affordable,” said Katie Saxton, president of Custom Nail Solutions. “Each nail is as one-of-a-kind and remarkable as the woman wearing them.”

Additionally, Custom Nail Solutions are a healthier alternative to other types of artificial/fake nails. Each nail is applied with a non-toxic adhesive and is easily removed, repositioned and repainted – either at home or in your favorite nail salon. No need for heavy filing, grinding or harsh chemicals.

A full set of the custom-made nails can be ordered online at for just $179. Using Custom Nail Solutions’ at-home, mail-in impression kit and easy-to-follow instructions, the customer takes impressions of each of her nail beds, which are then scanned and custom-cut to match her nail’s natural size and shape. The customized nails are then mailed to the woman, along with a pink quilted satin bag containing application and removal accessories and a variety of tints and solutions. Single nail replacements can be ordered for as little as $14.95 and additional sets can be ordered for just $129.

“Each of our customers’ natural nail impressions are stored on our computer database making it easy to order additional styles at any time. Many clients have multiple sets, including various sizes and shapes,” added Saxton. “Just as with your jewelry, variety and different color combinations are a must. Plus, Custom Nail Solutions nails can be applied or removed quickly and easily anytime to fit every woman’s lifestyle.”

Custom Nail Solutions nails are easily filed and finished to accommodate desired shape and length. Clients can select a French tip design with desired smile line, length and nail shape. A solid pink option is also available, which can be painted any color, and art can be easily applied. A nail stand allows the nails to easily be polished, re-polished and decorated with ease. Each anti-bacterial, anti-microbial nail also contains UV light protection to prevent yellowing and fading.

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