REVIEW: CHI Touch Screen Dryer

That awkward moment when you realize your hair dryer is smarter than you are…LOL

So Farouk sent me the CHI Touch Screen Dryer and my first experience with it went really well.  Actually, it went far better than I expected.  Ok, ok, ok…let me be honest…I had the best hair day that I’ve had since July!

But at first…I couldn’t turn the dryer on.  No really…I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on (don’t bother pressing a blank touch screen…nothing happens).

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself when I realized the ON switch was on the back of the handle.  I’m just going to blame this on the fact that it was late at night and I was sleepy.

My hair is texlaxed, fine 4a  strands, with med-high density.  I seem to live within a hair’s breadth of BSL (bra-strap length) so it feels like my hair is dangling a (BSL) carrot in front of my face…LOL.


I had just washed my hair a couple of days before so I didn’t need to use shampoo again so soon.  I got in the shower and wet my hair completely.  I applied a generous helping of CHI Deep Brilliance Reconstruct, put on a plastic cap and let it stay on for about 5 minutes.  After rinsing I used Blow Damage Restorative Hair Mask (for 15 minutes).  It was more protein but a) my hair is not protein sensitive and it takes a whole lot of protein for me to get protein overload and b) I was using it as a heat protectant because this product “primes hair for the perfect blow out,” and c) I’ve had this jar for months and I really wanted to use it.  But to be on the safe side I did follow up with my Rusk Sensories Wellness Heal Treatment (a very good moisturizing deep conditioner…don’t get excited, its been discontinued).  I used a bit of Roux Porosity Control after that.

Once the last conditioner was rinsed out I (carefully) detangled my hair and sprayed CHI 44 Iron Guard (can’t be too safe when using heat and this is a great heat protectant if you’re looking for one).  I like this particular heat protectant because it doesn’t leave my hair sticky or hard.


The CHI Touch Screen Dryer has 3 menus that allow you to set temperature, speed, and ions.  I chose medium across the board.  The interesting thing about the ions is that it goes by your hair texture (fine, medium or coarse).  I chose medium, but I’m going to try the Fine ion setting next time.  Using a wide tooth comb and really small sections I blow dried each section.  Oh and the dryer remembers my settings!

I noticed two things right away when I got done.  Number one my hair felt dry, but not overly dry.  Somehow it still retained some moisture, without feeling or being wet.  Number two my hair had a nice sheen to it.  My hair never really shines, mostly due to the color of it (brownish, reddish, ash-brownish…dark, muddy dishwater?)…so the most I can hope for is a nice sheen.  I have pics, but ummmm…I wasn’t camera-ready so you won’t be seeing those.

I was pooped by the time I got done blow drying (just had surgery 4 weeks ago so I still get tired easily).  I pinned my hair up, put on my satin bonnet and went to bed.


My hair still felt soft and moisturized the next morning when I got up.  I flat ironed my hair (with my $12.99 flat iron) using really small sections because I wanted to make sure I got my new growth as straight as possible.  One pass to straighten, one pass to curl it/bump it under.   Again, I was pooped by the time I got done…but I was so pleased with how much SWANG my hair had.  It was lightweight and had tons of body, bounce, and movement.  Usually my fine hair doesn’t hold curl for very long (30 minutes tops) but I’m pleased to report that I still had (some) curls and bounce by the time I went to bed last night!  Even after dealing with dreary, wet, windy conditions.  Side note, I had on a knit hat with flaps over the ears and when I walked into the grocery store I whipped it off and left my hair fall down around my shoulders.  The menfolks jaws dropped.  I felt like I was in a commercial…LOLOL.


I found it on for $199.95 (don’t trip…the list price is $299.99).  I’m not going to lie to you, the CHI Touch Screen Dryer is an investment.  I’ve never had a really good, professional blow dryer but I’m so pleased with this one.  Try to find a good sale…Christmas is coming up and this would be an excellent gift to yourself (or from someone).

Happy Hair Journey!